We didn't create our experiences thinking about an image of perfection, but a proof of connection, presence and love.

our why

We founded Meraki Photography after a severe injury that turned our lives upside down, individually and as a couple, when we understood even more deeply what really matters: Love.

The delicate and at the same time very powerful love that is hidden in the small daily gestures.

And so we decided we wanted to honor it in all its strength every day by telling stories of love

through an authentic photograph to celebrate its pure beauty.

After a long self-awareness journey, we are now mesmerized by the beauty of those moments of blessed "normality" that often slip through our fingers without even realizing it, but that we miss so much as time goes by and when we face bigger challenges.

All those moments moments we want to go back to.

We created our experiences because among all the services other photographers were offering,

we found out that something was missing: a photography focused on the celebration of life and of the little big things for those who want to honour it.


I have always loved stories, far away and unknown countries, eyes that have seen places I have never experienced.

This desire of mine to discover the world inspired me to become a translator and interpreter and, after a few years, it led me to photography in order to explore another form of language.

A universal language that would allow me to communicate with even more people (and which also gave me another great gift by introducing me to Alessandro at my first photography class).

In 2015, after a severe accident, I spent almost 30 months in bed. I couldn't walk, I couldn't sit, I couldn't be fully self sufficient.

There I was, lying in bed in unbearable pain, as life seemed to slip through my fingers, and all I did was look at old photos.

Pictures of the people I loved the most and of all those moments of extraordinary "normality that make life wonderful. All those moments that I wanted to go back to, that I wanted to relive.

It was exactly when I felt I had lost everything, that I held on with all my strength to what was left... Love.

During those very difficult months, I rediscovered the importance of the little things in life, the ones we take for granted too easily, like the ability to cook, dress, dance, hold Alexander's hand during a walk....

And I learned to observe with attention and fresh eyes everything around me.

As soon as I could spend at least a few minutes on my feet, I picked up my camera. As small gratitude exercises, I began a ritual of giving thanks for everything around me.

In the ordinary I could see an extraordinary beauty.

I had never seen it like this before.

In that moment I felt the urge to give to others what had helped me: precious memories of happy moments to cherish and the ability to see the beauty even in the "imperfect" everyday life.

Together, Alessandro and I realized that we wanted to show the miracle of Love and its small gestures that surround us every day. That love that literally saved us.

As a child I was very shy and when I was 6 years old I found in the camera a tool to get closer to others.

I would spend the days with my father in the darkroom dreaming up stories about the people I had photographed, filling my nostrils with the smell of the liquid used to process the photographs.

A smell that takes me back in time, when all together we used to create our albums of family memories of trips around Europe in a camper.

Over the years I have been passionate about theater photography, where I have learned to respect the sacrality of the moment without interfering, to observe with even more attention and to wait patiently for the "right moment", without disturbing.

These are all qualities that now help me a lot to shoot weddings and families with extreme care and sensitivity.

I photographed weddings for many years, following the rules imposed by traditions, but when Sara and I were to the other side of the lens I realized what I was missing and how I wanted to serve others.

A magical and untranslatable word that

in Greek literally means

"essence of ourselves," doing something with your soul, passion, creativity,

dedication and love.

Meraki is used when you put something of yourself into whatever you're doing, whether you're baking a cake, choosing decorations or crafting something .

That extra touch that makes things really special and yours.



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