My desire to travel the world inspired me to become a translator and interpreter and, after a few years, it led me to Photography to explore a different and universal language (and also introduced me to Alessandro at my first Photography class).

I became a professional photographer after a severe injury that turned my whole life upside down.

I spent almost 30 months in bed.

I couldn't walk, I couldn't sit, I couldn't even perform simple tasks.

There I was, lying in bed in unbearable pain, as life seemed to slip through my fingers, and all I did was looking at old photos.

Pictures of the people I loved the most and of all those moments that make life wonderful. All those moments that I wanted to go back to, that I wanted to relive.

During those very difficult months, I found new meaning in my life.

I learned to really observe and pay attention to everything around me with a new perspective.

After that period, I felt the urge to give others what had helped me: precious memories of happy moments to cherish.

So… here I am now, capturing fleeting moments to freeze both time and emotions.

I combine a background in Live Music & Theater Photography (my work has been published on Phocus Agency, Jazzit Magazine, Italia Wave Festival and others, and showcased in Photography Exhibitions) with Documentary Photography to create my own unique style.

My background has shaped my ability to be unobtrusive in the most intimate and real moments.

I have learned to respect the moment without interfering, to pay a lot of attention to details and to patiently wait for the "right moment".

Some photographers are like directors, some others are more like collectors. I am a collector.

A collector of moments.

These are all qualities that now help me in shooting couples and families with a candid approach and extreme sensitivity.


A magical and untranslatable word that

in Greek literally means

"essence of ourselves," doing something with your soul, passion, creativity,

dedication and love.

Meraki is used when you put something of yourself into whatever you're doing, whether you're baking a cake, choosing decorations or crafting something .

That extra touch that makes things really special and yours.



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