Love Photography

for Lovers, Dreamers and Free Souls

Celebrating Love in all its forms, documenting raw emotions and capturing authentic moments of your everyday life. 
Because you’re perfect just the way you are.

We believe in creating wonderful memories to last a lifetime, to treasure and to warm your hearts. We believe in the imperfect perfection of genuine moments and in the true beauty of the little things in life.



You don’t need a special occasion to celebrate your love!

Love is all you need to spend some quality time with your loved ones and to have fun turning an ordinary day into a happy time!

We usually use our cameras for big events, birthdays, weddings, parties and when we dress up, but we think it’s really important to remember and document everyday life and the small things, which are easily overlooked but are often the most important ones, the way we live, laugh and love, genuine expressions and interactions, the wonderful moments that you wish would never end.

So just relax, have fun and be simply yourself enjoying your day!

Yes, be the REAL YOU, the one getting the giggles, pulling silly faces, dancing in the rain…

Let’s make memories

+ cuddles

+ having fun

+ laughter

+ piggyback rides

+ being yourself

+ genuine connection

+ tickle fights

+ being authentic

We will not ask you to sit still, pose and smile at the camera, we will just ask you to be yourself, for a completely stress-free session!


Life isn’t posed, so why should your photos be?




For wild hearts, carefree and

laid-back couples



Have fun with your loved ones!


Let’s celebrate motherhood



We are Sara and Alessandro, a husband and wife duo based in Italy, near Tuscany and the wonderful Cinque Terre. We are two lovers, lovers of Life, lovers of Love, who live loudly and laugh boldly.

I (Sara) have always been interested in different cultures and wanted to get to know people from different corners of the world so I decided to become a translator and interpreter. In 2009, while I was looking for a universal language, I met Alessandro at my first photography class. Photography played a big role in our love!

Alessandro got his first camera when he was 6 and started to capture real life moments while travelling all around Europe with his parents, spending hours with his father in his darkroom. He then fell in love with Theater Photography, and some years ago he found in Wedding & Family Photography the real emotions he was looking for.

Three years ago, after a very serious injury, I had to spend almost 24 months in bed. I couldn’t walk, I couldn’t sit, I couldn’t move. That’s when the idea of Meraki Photography began to sparkle. I was there, lying on the bed and all I could do was look at old pictures. The ones of the people I loved and of the beautiful and ordinary moments I wanted to go back to. So I suddendly realized that I wanted to give others what helped me the most: happy memories to cherish.

During those difficult months, I re-discovered the importance of the small things in life, like having the possibility to even get dressed by myself, to dance, to hold Alessandro’s hand while walking…

And we understood we wanted to show others the importance of Love, which literally saved us, and of all the beauty that surrounds us everyday. What if you start looking at the beauty you have in your life?

That’s where Meraki Photography comes from. It’s a love story, it’s a story of love, hope and beauty.

We thought of the name Meraki because we have a strong passion for Greece (we went there on our honeymoon too!) and because that’s exactly how we work: with our souls and with all our hearts.


Thanks to Speaking Through Silence Photography for these photos!


Tell us all about you and your dreams and let’s plan a session!

We’d love to connect!

Got questions? Ask away!

+ 39 339 7565225

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